Rewarding multiple companies for a common sustainability goal


It is often said that sustainability’s major challenge is to bring various stakeholders together on the same table – biologists with designers, CEO’s with the workers, NGO’s with private sector etc. Sustainable development is a systems issue which can’t be treated in isolation. For example, just looking at the increasing financial bottom line is not […]

Video: Green Economy and Sustainable Development

UNRISD video

Here is one video I thought is particularly interesting. Though it’s a bit dated (created in the run-up to Rio+20), the video takes the viewer through a short history of sustainable development. This short 10 miniute clip brings back the social into the Green Economy, which is often missed out on these discussions. 1987 – Our […]

Cathay Pacific walked the talk


Cathay Pacific Airways has stopped shipping unsustainably sourced sharks and shark-related products as cargo. The airlines believes that it is inconsistent with its commitment to  sustainable development. So I digged in the company’s mission/vision statements. And guess what, one of the lines state: “We are a socially and environmentally responsible company” Saying no to business because of concern […]

Why some don’t like Sustainable development?

Ecodriving traffic

Taking a cue from the book, ‘Walking the Talk” by Holliday, Schmidheiny and Watts, published almost 10 years ago, about why no one likes sustainable development, I think it is more appropriate today to change it into why some don’t like sustainable development – although those ‘some’ do proliferate into those ‘all’!

5 Business cases for Sustainability


All the talk we hear about companies saving money due to various measures – be it through product innovation or improving efficiency or by generating own energy – here I think are the important questions: Q1. Should or shouldn’t those savings made by the company because of its sustainability efforts be passed down to the end […]

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