Urb-E – Meet the World’s Most Compact E-vehicle

Personal Mobility is finally starting to take off. Using the Lithium-ion battery, Urb-E or the world’s most compact e-scooty is focused on connecting the last mile – from a train, a bus or even after parking your car. It claims to go for 20 miles on single full charge that takes up to 3 hours. […]


YES BANK and TERI sign MoU to Promote Sustainable Development in India

Press Release New Delhi, January 10, 2014: YES BANK, India’s fourth … [Read More...]

worn wear

Worn Wear: A film about stories we wear by Patagonia

If at all you want any movie to affect the way you think and act - … [Read More...]

Beyond Zero - Building a Green Brand

Beyond Zero – Building a Green Brand

[Read More...]


Corporate Governance

Is Corporate Governance different for Sustainability?

Short answer - YES! Not only the Corporate Governance but also the Organizational Structure need to be different in order to accommodate for the … [Read More...]


The Roadmap to Sustainability

The first thing to make Triple Bottom Line (TBL) accounting a success is to gain allies in different domains and sub-domains, like Development, … [Read More...]


“Can Silicon Valley repeat itself in Sustainability?” asked @ XLRI-WWF Sustainability conference

XLRI School of Business and Human Resources in partnership with World Wildlife Fund (WWF India) held a conferernce on 21st November,  titled … [Read More...]

Feeding the Planet – 5 action steps to Sustainable Agriculture (2 of 2)

Part 2 of Feeding the Planet - 5 action steps to Sustainable Agriculture A quick recap of Part 1 of Feeding the Planet - We  discussed how the … [Read More...]

Danone's 6 stages of Sustainable Development

Fighting the battle between Commercialization & Values

We’re committed to healthy food, healthy people, a healthy planet and healthy business A classic example of a sustainability embedded mission … [Read More...]

7th Generation Logo

How do you balance customer expectations with supply chain realities?

Consider this scenario:  You are one of the most loved brands in the country. You've built your reputation among the Goliaths of the industry as a … [Read More...]


Nuclear Energy Debate – Let the battle continue

When you’re sitting on an archipelago with more than 100 volcanoes with unique cross-section of tectonic plates underneath, the 54 odd nuclear … [Read More...]

Falcon Water Free Urinals

Relax. Go easy on water with Water Free Urinals

That's the picture I stared at stuck right in front of me while doing it in the washroom of DLF Promenade, an upmarket mall in Delhi built by the DLF … [Read More...]


Entering Rio+20 with vague Rio principles will give vague results

Some time ago I wrote about why we continue to see the unsatisfactoriness of the Rio declaration. Now that we have Rio+20 summit upon us this month, I … [Read More...]


Why Ecodrive?

Here’s why -  Simple yet ingenious: UPS found out over their thousands of truck fleet, that by not waiting and idling to take left turns and … [Read More...]

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