Urb-E – Meet the World’s Most Compact E-vehicle

Personal Mobility is finally starting to take off. Using the Lithium-ion battery, Urb-E or the world’s most compact e-scooty is focused on connecting the last mile – from a train, a bus or even after parking your car. It claims to go for 20 miles on single full charge that takes up to 3 hours. […]

worn wear

Worn Wear: A film about stories we wear by Patagonia

If at all you want any movie to affect the way you think and act - … [Read More...]

Beyond Zero - Building a Green Brand

Beyond Zero – Building a Green Brand

[Read More...]


YES BANK and TERI sign MoU to Promote Sustainable Development in India

Press Release New Delhi, January 10, 2014: YES BANK, India’s fourth … [Read More...]



Growth policies that trigger Green Economy – III (China)

   China: Ambitious targets for the Greener world (This article continues in the 4 part series of Policies for Green economy in USA, Japan, China, … [Read More...]


The Online Green MBA – The future is green

GUEST POST: Linda Forshaw A MBA is increasingly becoming a necessity for those seeking a high-level business career. It is often the case that … [Read More...]


Tokyo Electric Power Company (TEPCO): Corporate ethics and Fukushima 50

 The current situation unfolding at the TEPCO operated Fukushima Daiichi nuclear reactor is reaching a strange state of continual deterioration as … [Read More...]


Expectations from Business and Government in context of Climate Change

 Neither the business by it self or the government on its own can tackle climate change issues. Both need to set their priorities very clear in … [Read More...]


Key findings of 2012 GlobeScan/SustainAbility Survey

I recently participated in the GlobeScan/SustainAbility online survey that had a somewhat select cohort of sustainability experts from around the … [Read More...]


Why Pavan Sukhdev thinks the mandatory 2% CSR spend is short-sighted

As a part of the ongoing series of my blogposts (read the earlier post here) on the recent legislation by the government mandating compulsory … [Read More...]


10 Sustainability Trends

Sustainability has really come of age  - akin to saying that an era of Sustainability 2.0 has begun. Companies the world over have at least agreed on … [Read More...]

CII-ITC Awards

Rewarding “the Good” @ CII-ITC Sustainability Awards

In the movie "The Good, the Bad and the Ugly", the Good finally won, the Bad got killed and the Ugly was left hanging with the scope of turning good. … [Read More...]

2011-10-13 11.00.56

Is India’s growth Sustainable?

Growth for the sake of growth is the ideology of the cancer cell - Edward Abbey Growth is good - but at whose expense? That is the question that … [Read More...]


Sustainable Retail:The New Industry Buzzword

GUEST POST: Roselin Dey from cKinetics & a Natural Resource Management graduate from TERI The sustainability coin has two sides: Sustainable … [Read More...]

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