Is Sustainability sustainable? I don’t think so! At least the way we’ve come to define it. We need to change the narrative that’s being told, change the vocabulary and move from deprivation to aspiration.

worn wear

Worn Wear: A film about stories we wear by Patagonia

If at all you want any movie to affect the way you think and act - … [Read More...]


YES BANK and TERI sign MoU to Promote Sustainable Development in India

Press Release New Delhi, January 10, 2014: YES BANK, India’s fourth … [Read More...]


Expectations from Business and Government in context of Climate Change

 Neither the business by it self or the government on its own can … [Read More...]



Growth policies that trigger Green Economy – I (USA)

-:By Rangika Samaraweera, Gan Shu, Nathan Small, Pankaj Arora:- What kind of government policies can trigger economic growth in the area … [Read More...]

EU tax

Measure tonnes of Carbon not tons of dollars that EU ETS will save!

I'm not an International Trade Expert, or a Finance guru or an Economics erudite - but it just makes sense to have carbon tax on "all" flights! … [Read More...]


Clean Energy- Quick facts

Renewable energy renews it self - it doesn’t deplete, can be used repeatedly and once the infrastructure is in place, it becomes practically free and … [Read More...]


Role of transparency in a triple bottom line business model

What is the role of transparency in management of a triple bottom line (TBL) business model? The answer is not whether to be or not to be, but rather … [Read More...]


Brewing sustainability with their mission statements? Not Quite – A look at 5 coffee companies

Lately, I've seen myself working out of different coffee shops in Delhi with a small cappuccino and an extra espresso shot to go for a couple of hours … [Read More...]


How to develop an EMS (environment management system)?

An EMS refers to a system used by a company to manage its activities, product or services in such a way to minimize or eliminate the adverse impacts … [Read More...]

CSV Global Forum 2012

How to Reinvent Capitalism via Creating Shared Value?

Nestle is very clear on what it intends to achieve -find ways and methods by which businesses can play a role in the development of the communities … [Read More...]


2 companies using “R2″ as a Proactive Marketing Strategy

Resource recovery (R2) is a process through which either products, materials and energy values are captured from the waste or residual streams and … [Read More...]


Selling beyond the poor

Selling beyond the poor - Stu Hart, Cornell University & SC Johnson Chair of Sustainable Global Enterprise (Lecture at Erb Institute for Global … [Read More...]


Future of Energy

It is estimated that by the middle of this century the global energy demand will more than double from the current levels of consumption, with the … [Read More...]

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